6 Awe-inspiring Places to Visit in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, also famous as the land of fire is a Caucuses country with a trip to the flaming and muddy volcanoes. There is much to offer by this magical country as it is a crossroad of Asia and Europe. You can either have a lot of enjoyment and fun at the subtropical seaside resorts by the virtue of Caspian Sea or simply have a view of hilly towns which are hiding the ancient architecture of the fallen Empire. As long as you have some free time, Azerbaijan will never disappoint you. Besides its best destinations to visit, Azerbaijan is also famous for its affordable but delicious foods and meals. Isn’t it a good news for foodies?

So, here the list of the places falls which you should visit during your visit to Azerbaijan. Most of the times, if you book a tour package, these destinations are already included in your travel package. However, if you find any place missed, add it manually.


Being the capital of the country, the city of Baku is located along the Caspian Sea. The city represents an amazing mixture of classic and modern architecture which is quite worthy to see. Don’t forget to visit the Museum of the Contemporary Art, Teze Bazaar and the Flame Towers.


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2. Absheron National Park:

As the name suggests, it is the national park in Azerbaijan, covering more than 783 km2 in Baku. Caspian seals, gazelles, and the water birds are something special in this park.



3. Icheri Sheher (Inner City or Old City):

Icheri means inner and Sheher is the city. It is the historical core of Baku and also the most ancient part of the city. Classified as the world heritage site, the population of the Icheri Sheher was 3000 in the year 2000.



4. Mud Volcanoes:

Out of 1000 mud volcanoes in the world, 400 of those are in the land of Azerbaijan. Back in the year 2001, there was an unexpected thing happened in the coastal areas of the country when suddenly a huge flame started coming from the hillside. The flames were reported to be more than 300 meters high, visible from a distance of 9 miles.



5. The Caspian Sea:

Along with beautiful resorts and beaches, the Caspian Sea itself is something worthy to visit. It is the largest water body on the planet Earth.



6. Ateshgah (The Fire Temple):

It was the place of worship and pilgrimage for the Zoroastrians from South Asia. The building consists of a pentagonal complex with a tetra pillar altar in the middle.

Ateshgah of Baku



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